Get active!

What you can do:


Come to the regular meetings in Vienna or start an own group of supporters in your hometown! Together you can raise awareness for the imprisoned Max Zirngast.

Write a letter to Max!

For people in prison, letters are really important: They can bring at least a bit of the outside world into the cell. Therefore, write Max Zirngast (and others, as much as you like!)  a letter. The letter has to be in Turkish, though. We can help you translate, you write us an Email (freemaxzirngast (at) with the english version you want to have translated. We will send you a translation back as soon as possible.

Then send the Letter to the following adress:

Max Zirngast
Sincan 2 Nolu F Tipi Yüksek Güvenlikli Kapalı Ceza Infaz Kurumu
Yenikent/ Sincan /ANKARA

Send us Pictures of Solidarity!

Yes! We want more! From all over the world!