Author Max Zirngast

Right know, we are gathering all articles and texts written by Max Zirngast.
Our aim is to publish them here, but we are also planning on publishing a book with the work of Max Zirngast.
Stay tuned!

Max’ letters from the Prison

Since end of October, we receive letters from Max. We are very glad about that and try to translate them as soon as possible. He writes in detail about the every day life in prison and is letting us take part in his political and philosophical thoughts while fighting against the attrition of the prison system.

The Space-Time of the Penal Regime and Resistance to it

Below is our documentation of a longer letter written by Max Zirngast on November 4th and received by us recently; we have translated and edited this and are publishing excerpts here. We have also added some annotations and subheads in square brackets for a better understanding. 4 November, 2018 The space-time of the penal regime…

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On unnecessary talk offers and missing pens

At last, we are also receiving longer messages from Max Zirngast. This article documents translated and edited extracts from a longer letter, which he wrote on October 18th, 2018 and has only recently reached us. For ease of reading, we have added some notes and headings, marked with square brackets. October 18, 2018 I am…

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